Free Cashpoint letter to St. Werburgh’s Community website – a superb success!

Hi there

Thanks for writing this article on the cashpoint campaign 6 months ago:

And thanks for the article in the last couple of days ( A great success for this campaign.

I just thought I should point out that in the newer article the picture of Stephen, Jon and others suggests that Stephen has supported the campaign.

As the person who put the petition and campaign out there (still found here: and having checked the list of signatories, Stephen Williams’ name does not in fact appear. Neither does that of Jon Rogers, despite him being a local councillor. This is a bit disappointing, as they seem to be claiming partial credit for it.

It is probably worth pointing out in the main text a link to the campaign petition (see above) and a suggestion that people continue to support this campaign for the neighbouring area of St. Paul’s, which is in even more desperate need of a cashpoint.

Rob Telford
Green Party candidate for Ashley ward (2013)


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